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Subtitling is the process of adding text to a video or film that translates the spoken language into another language. It’s a crucial service for audiences who don’t speak the original language of the video.

There are two types of subtitling: with timestamp template and without. Subtitling with timestamp templates includes a pre-defined timecode synchronizing the subtitle text with the audio or video. Subtitling without a timestamp template involves the subtitler watching the video or film and manually setting the timing for each subtitle.

Usually, subtitling starts with a template of the source language. The subtitler then translates the source text into the target language and adapts the text to fit the timing of the video. However, there are times when the subtitler may have to translate without seeing the source text written but instead by listening to the audio.

Subtitling is a service I provide to my clients. Some examples of videos that often require subtitles include:

  • Films and documentaries
  • TV shows and series
  • Marketing and advertising videos
  • Online tutorials and courses
  • Corporate training videos
  • Conferences and presentations.

With my subtitling service, your video content will be more accessible to a broader audience, which can help you reach new markets and increase engagement.

Contact me today to discuss your project and learn more about how I can help you achieve your goals.

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